Liability or Comprehensive Insurance : Which One Is Better?

If you are driving in the United States, having car insurance will truly be heaven sent. Paying for damage that you will incur from your own pocket can be quite expensive. On the other hand, a car insurance can save you a great deal on accident-related expenses. When shopping for a provider for your insurance, one important decision you have to make is whether to choose liability or comprehensive car insurance. Both have their own pros and cons so it is up to you to determine which is truly right for you. This article will help you make a better decision for your coverage.

According to the website of Insure on the Spot, choosing between liability or insurance coverage will boil down to type of accident being covered and the budget of the policy holder. Before determining which is the better feature, it is worth taking a look at what each type of insurance covers as well as the cost. Liability coverage does not pay for any damage to your vehicle during an accident. However, it does provide coverage for other vehicles that you are legally required to pay for. It is the bare bone auto coverage that provides protection to other people and their properties in case of accident.

On the other hand, comprehensive coverage pays for damages done on other vehicles as well as yours. The damage may not just be from traffic as well as from natural resources. For instance, if your car is damaged from a storm, you can pay for the costs with a comprehensive insurance. Your policy will provide coverage for theft, fire, vandalism, and extreme weather conditions. Comprehensive insurance comes with a deductible, which needs to be paid out of the pocket.

As to which offers the better coverage? There is no definite answer because it will depend on the circumstance. Liability is more advantageous in some cases and comprehensive is most suitable in other cases.

For cars that have been completely totaled, it would be unlikely that you will pay the remaining balance from your own pocket which makes liability insurance the best option. What about if you have an old car that has been completely paid? Liability insurance is the best alternative again.

On the other hand, comprehensive insurance is the better alternative when you still owe a huge sum of money on your current car and when you sum it all up, you will still pay for that money and need cash to acquire another car. In cases when you do not have sufficient emergency funds or cash reserves to make a simple purchase in a short period of time, you may need the help of comprehensive insurance to do that.

So when making a choice between liability and comprehensive insurance, it will all boil down to the kind of driver you are and your budget.

Rollover Accidents

For those who have a sports utility vehicle (SUV) or light truck, you must be aware by now that you have an increased risk of becoming involved in single-vehicle rollover accidents than someone in a car. Your own life can change forever, if not in a good way. It is still something you want to prevent, even if you effectively sue for compensation for the medical and financial deficits. You’re stuck with an SUV or light truck and while regrets may come too late in the day, it’s still possible to prevent becoming a statistic by observing these precautions.

Regularly Inspect Tires
One trigger of rollovers is when a tire blows out because it is either worn or over-inflated. You can keep this from happening by assessing the tire pressure occasionally and just examining to see when the wheels are in reasonably good shape. For no reason, a defective tire may blow out in a few cases, so verify in case your wheels are among these with flaws.

Buckle Up
Studies all agree that wearing a seatbelt is a significant factor determining the survival rate of anybody involved in a vehicular mishap, but especially in rollover accidents. More than three-fourths of folks who perished in a roll-over injury are not wearing one during the collision.

Keep a watch on your own Speedometer
Many rollover injuries happen when driving faster than the speed limit allows, and speeds that are higher generally result in much more serious injuries. Maintain a light foot on the gas and you will be fine.

Non-urban Roads Caveat
Many rollover accidents involve single- vehicles and can occur on long expanses of rural roads, where the posted speed limit is at least or above 55 miles per hour and there aren’t any obstacles. Be cautious should you regularly travel in your sports utility vehicle along roads. You can find more info about rollover accidents at the website of Insure on the Spot car insurance.

Maintain Your Weight within Safety Limitations
The threat of rollovers increases in SUVs and light vans if it is overloaded, therefore, avoid overloading the car. Load evaluations are usually indicated in the owner’s manual of your vehicle, and it would be advisable to keep heavy loads as near as you can to the vehicle’s center.

Tire Defects

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that has contact with the rough and often bumpy road. Because of this, they are critical to the safety of your vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes manufacturers or repair men make mistakes, and defective tires are the result. According to the website of Pohl and Berk LLP, there are three main types of tire defects: tread separation, expired tires, and conicity. Tire defects can cause blow outs, roll overs, and accidents that all can result in very serious injuries to those involved, but thankfully, there are a few signs of each defect that you can watch out for.

Tread separation happens when the outer most layer of your tire comes off of the rest of the tire. The tread of the tire is incredibly important, as it is the portion that maintains grip on the road. Without proper grip, you will not be able to maintain good control over your vehicle. Tread separation can be caused by the manufacturer improperly sealing the layers of your tires together, or if a hole was not plugged properly. Some early signs of tread separation include bumps or blisters on your tires, slight to severe vibration while driving, side wall cracks, and uneven or thin tread.

Tires have an expiration date just like food and medicine, although most people do not check their tires for this. Some companies that sell tires do not check for this either, and leave tires for sale on the shelves for much longer than they should. An expired tire can blow out suddenly and without warning, causing accidents or rollovers. To check your tires for their expiration date, you just have to look for a long number that is printed on your tire walls. The last four numbers stand for the week of the year and the year that the tire was manufactured. Generally, tires expire approximately six years after they are made.

Conicity is when tires have slightly angled edges, or hold more of a cone shape rather than a cylinder. This happens when the tires are manufactured and parts of the layers are not centered properly. What results is a tire that will always pull in one direction or the other. The pull can be minor to severe, and even if it doesn’t cause accident or injury, it can cause difficult driving conditions. You may be able to see the altered shape, or you may not. If your car is pulling one way or the other immediately after getting new tires, it is a good idea to have them checked for conicity.

Reducing the Risk of PCB Exposure

While polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs have long been banned by the United States federal government, traces remain in the surroundings almost four decades since. In 1979, the government, through the Environmental Protection Agency, concluded that PCBs have been causing considerable harm to ecological balance and human health. However, by that time, it was already too late. PCBs—solely produced by the chemical industry giant Monsanto since the 1930s—have already contaminated several areas in America.

Unfortunately, Monsanto PCBs have contaminated a number water sources and brought significant damage to wildlife calling these creeks, lakes, and oceans their home. Today, these damages continue to be felt. Several states have made sure to advise residents to avoid swimming or fishing in highly contaminated areas like Snow Creek in Anniston, Alabama. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, these advisories allow residents to know which type of local fish is safe to consume and offer restrictions and recommendations on how to cook and prepare such food. These advisories are especially crucial considering that consuming PCB contaminated fish can be particularly harmful for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and younger children. People living near water sources that are known to be contaminated by PCBs should take these advisories seriously and follow recommendations imposed by their local governments.

Individuals can also be exposed to PCBs through older models of appliances, electrical equipment, and construction materials. Workers in construction and maintenance are the most susceptible to this type of exposure. Thankfully, certain workplace standards have been put into place to ensure that these workers don’t suffer from the risk of PCB exposure. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration have made several regulatory policies and recommendations in this regard. In particular, they instilled time limitations that will keep workers safe from the effects of prolonged exposure.

The Role of Driver Error and Negligence in Truck Accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recorded a total number of 3,062 large truck accidents for the year 2013. These reported accidents were found to have killed about 570 truck operators and 2,400 more individuals inside smaller vehicles. About 540 pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclist were also recorded to have died in these accidents.

It’s easy to see why truck accidents can cause such notable number of fatalities in a single year. On the road, trucks easily outclass the other vehicles in its surroundings. Trucks typically weigh 20 to 30 times more than regular passenger cars. Any collision between a truck and a car can result significant impact and damage, particularly for those riding in the smaller vehicle.

The only way such outcomes can be prevented is by keeping truck operators accountable for the vehicle they are driving. Reckless and negligent behavior need to be addressed and mitigated immediately in order to avoid future accidents. After all, as noted by an experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney from The Ausband Law Firm, truck driver error and negligence is one of the most common causes for catastrophic accidents to occur. In particular, these accidents are often characterized by the following oversights:

  • Failure to provide proper signal when making turns
  • Failure to pay attention to blind spots or no-zones
  • Driving aggressively or recklessly
  • Driving with overweight load
  • Driving during inclement weather conditions

Because of the nature of such vehicles, driving a truck requires a skill set that is far more specific and precise. Trucks are notoriously hard to control and operate. For example, given their weight, trucks required a longer distance before coming to a full stop. The size of trucks also makes drivers vulnerable to blind spots, making it difficult to see surrounding vehicles. Because of these reasons, drivers will need specialized training before they can start hitting the road. In case an accident does occur, trucking companies should be held equally accountable for ensuring that their employees are fit to operate such a specialized vehicle.

John Eddie Williams Jr. Helps Treat Diabetes in Transplant Program

In 2002, John Eddie Williams began a program that helped underprivileged individuals suffering from diabetes receive pancreatic islet transplants. The expensive procedure often makes the life-saving surgery an impossible option for many diabetic patients. Since the program’s institution, the firm of Williams Kherkher has helped dozens of diabetics realize the dream of living a normal life.

Type 1 diabetes occurs when a person is born with a certain autoimmune disorder that targets and destroys pancreatic islet cells. These cells are found in the pancreas and produce insulin to regulate sugar levels in the body. Type 1 diabetic patients are often forced to use daily injections of insulin to stay healthy. They also must closely monitor their diet and blood sugar so as not to fall into a diabetic shock or coma.

When a viable candidate is ready for the cell transplant, a plane flies to retrieve the healthy islet cells. The pilots travel to the Diabetes Research Institute in Miami, one of the few facilities in the United States capable of the delicate procedure, and deliver the now healthy pancreas back to Houston.

While the procedure is still experimental, the success rate is high. Most patients that undergo the treatment can live for years insulin-free, living a freer and fulfilling life. John Eddie Williams values giving back to his community and is dedicated to bettering the lives of his peers.

SXSW: From Humble Origins to Huge Global Acclaim

It is one of the most anticipated events for artists and enthusiasts everywhere. It hosts tens of thousands of people from all over the world from its humble origins in 1987. And it isn’t what you would likely expect – nor was it something expected from Austin, Texas. Even from its conception, it was not situated in a place that was not even in the top 20 market at the time. Just goes to show how one good investment can change the world.

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival is one that celebrates film, music, and interactive technologies. It attracts many famed and notable guests on a global scale as well as enthusiasts. This is not only the perfect opportunity to have your voice be heard but also the best place to get some bits and pieces of advice and tricks of the trade from seasoned experts in your own chosen field. It is a time in the year that truly celebrates culture and only the very best that life has to offer.

Austin limo rental for South by SouthwestSXSW limousine packages can offer maximum comfort as well as that rare kind of luxury that many people so often neglect. There is a lot of time saved and stress lost when transport needn’t be an issue for worry as with a limousine, you are ensured protection and efficient local knowhow. That is only one of the luxuries of the festival that you can allow yourself in order to make sure that you can maximize everything that the event has to offer.

If you or someone you know is looking into gracing the ten day-long festival with your presence, there are some luxuries that are simply worth it in order to make the event just that much more memorable. After all, like the kids say these days, you only live once!

Truck Accidents in Tennessee

The numbers are holding steady at around 1.5 deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled (VMT) for the traffic fatality rate reported in the state of Tennessee for the last decade. This is not too bad with the national average at around 1.14. However, the number of trucks involved in fatal traffic accidents increased from 104 (2012) to 119 (2013), roughly a 14% increase.

Truck accidents are always considered with trepidation because it is so often serious. Large trucks that regularly ply the nation’s highways are particularly hazardous to the health of smaller fellow travelers because the trucks are so big and heavy. Moreover, truck drivers are also more likely to be highly skilled but less careful than the average motorist because of the number of hours they are on the road. According to the website of truck accident lawyers Pohl & Berk, LLP, truck accident victims typically experience traumatic physical and emotional trauma, huge financial expenses, and other life-changing consequences.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is keeping tabs on these accidents from year to year to gather data they can use to further improve the safety regulations imposed on truck and other commercial vehicle drivers as well as their employers. While there has been some success, many truckers and trucking companies find a way to circumvent these regulations in the interest of making more money. In general they are able to avoid accidents but the few who do succumb to illness, fatigue, alcohol, drugs, or even mobile madness are unfortunately more than enough for major destruction.

Truck accidents may be explainable but not excusable. An exhausted, sick, or impaired driver has no business sitting behind the wheel of any vehicle, let alone a large truck. If you have been seriously injured because the truck driver exercised poor judgment in getting behind the wheel, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Find out more when you consult with an excellent personal injury lawyer.

Negligence Resulting to Amusement Park Accidents

In the year 2010 the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) was able to record as many as 290 million amusement park tickets having been sold and about 1.7 billion rides enjoyed by visitors – figures that show and prove just how people love Amusement and Theme parks due to the never ending surprises, attractions and thrills that these offer. And every year it seems that more and more visitors go in search for much more thrilling rides, settling only on those that offer greater heights and much faster speeds.

Height and speed – two very important factors which designers of roller coasters and even water slides have began considering in the construction of new rides. These factors explain the existence of the Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, which thrusts riders up to 400 feet from the ground before dropping them at the speed of 85 mph, the Millennium Force, acknowledged as the best steel coaster in the US which features a moment of zero gravity and a speed of 93 mph and a drop from a height of 300 feet, the 120-foot tall Summit Plummet, a water slide that is the tallest and fastest in the world, and the Kingda Ka, a 456-foot “rocket” coaster which allows riders to plummet towards the ground at 128 mph.

In the midst of excitement, however, are the dangers that have seriously injured or claimed the lives of a number of park visitors. Despite the accidents, the National Safety Council says that theme parks are still extremely safe, considering the fact that only 1,299 of the 290 million visitors in 2010 suffered injuries.

Like in so many other forms of accidents, those occurring in Amusement parks are also primarily due to people’s negligence or failure in properly maintaining rides, machinery and other equipment. The results of this negligence include structural failure, riders getting ejected from the ride, restraint system failure, brake malfunction, failure to use safety nets or the nets themselves failing to provide the needed cushioning, and so forth.

An injury brought about by the negligence of someone else is called a personal injury and, under the tort law, the tortfeasor (or the person at fault) can be legally required to compensate the injured victim. Seeking help from a Houston personal injury lawyer, whose competence far exceeds many others in the field of personal injury law, will prove beneficial to the victim, who will definitely need a very strong defense of his/her rights and interests.

Rotten Apple in the Basket

The need to control high-blood pressure is such a fairly common medical intervention that many people don’t take it as seriously as they should. The fact is, hypertension can lead to more serious and acute medical conditions that can be prevented if the hypertension is controlled. More than 60 million people over 20 in the US have hypertension, and that’s a hefty 30% or more of the population; more importantly, hypertension is believed to be the primary cause of death of 1,000 people every day. Obviously, hypertension has to be managed, and this can be done with a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and medication

Angiotensin II receptor antagonists or blockers (ARBs) is one class of drugs that physicians have found to be efficacious for patients who are intolerant of the more traditional angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. ARBs, while sharing many of the side effects of ACE inhibitors, are not productive of the persistent dry cough and hives (angioedema) associated with ACE inhibitors. According to the website of law firm Williams Kherkher, one brand of ARB that has been particularly popular in the US when it was introduced into the market in 2002 is Benicar (olmesartan).

Produced by Japanese drug company Daiichi Sankyo, Benicar was touted by the manufacturer as the safer and more effective hypertension therapy than any others, and for quite a while it seemed to be true. There has been no reason to believe that ARBs could pose serious health risks to patients cleared for the medication (which is contraindicated for pregnant women and those with biliary obstruction).

In 2012, the Mayo Clinic reported to the Food and Drug Administration that 22 of its patients with unexplained gastrointestinal problems were taking Benicar, which indicated some causative link. This was not expected, as this was only observed with Benicar and not other ARBs such as Valsartan, Telmisartan, and Losartan. As it is turning out, Benicar and other olmesartan preparations alone cause these serious intestinal complications.

Daiichi Sankyo has been brought to book in civil court for failing to thoroughly test their product before marketing it and failing to warn. If you have been adversely affected by using Benicar, you, too may be able to file a case against the drug maker. Find a reputable dangerous drugs lawyer in your area to look over your claim.