John Eddie Williams Jr. Helps Treat Diabetes in Transplant Program

In 2002, John Eddie Williams began a program that helped underprivileged individuals suffering from diabetes receive pancreatic islet transplants. The expensive procedure often makes the life-saving surgery an impossible option for many diabetic patients. Since the program’s institution, the firm of Williams Kherkher has helped dozens of diabetics realize the dream of living a normal life.

Type 1 diabetes occurs when a person is born with a certain autoimmune disorder that targets and destroys pancreatic islet cells. These cells are found in the pancreas and produce insulin to regulate sugar levels in the body. Type 1 diabetic patients are often forced to use daily injections of insulin to stay healthy. They also must closely monitor their diet and blood sugar so as not to fall into a diabetic shock or coma.

When a viable candidate is ready for the cell transplant, a plane flies to retrieve the healthy islet cells. The pilots travel to the Diabetes Research Institute in Miami, one of the few facilities in the United States capable of the delicate procedure, and deliver the now healthy pancreas back to Houston.

While the procedure is still experimental, the success rate is high. Most patients that undergo the treatment can live for years insulin-free, living a freer and fulfilling life. John Eddie Williams values giving back to his community and is dedicated to bettering the lives of his peers.