Making the best of a car accident

Few drivers can boast that they have never been in a car accident. Whether it’s a simple rear ending or a more serious head on collision, motor vehicle impacts can feel like a reality of the road if you have been driving for a significant portion of your life. In 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation reported that 37 billion dollars was lost as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

According to the Fort Worth car accident attorneys of Benton Law Firm, speeding, driver distraction, failure to drive in a single lane, driving under the influence, and driving under the speed limit are several of the top contributing factors for serious accidents. Whether you have been personally affected or have a loved one that has been affected, it is crucial in the immediate aftermath of any vehicular incident to follow certain steps in order to protect yourself.

To protect yourself legally, the name of the game is gathering info. Begin with the license and insurance information of all drivers involved, then move on to taking pictures of the damage to all vehicles involved. These details may seem frivolous, but insurance will require an enormous level of detail when doing their job. Even the smallest facts such as time of day and road conditions could prove essential in getting you the insurance outcome you deserve.

To protect yourself physically, preparation begins before you ever hit the road. All drivers should carry an emergency kit in their glove compartment. These kits should include road flares, bandages, and gloves among other safety items.

Many drivers are in shock after an accident. Shock is a medical condition caused by low blood pressure, and symptoms can include dizziness, confusion, pale skin, and sweating.

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